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Stephen Sanchez

'I would never fall in love until I found her... Get ready to fall in love all over again as STEPHEN SANCHEZ takes everyone back in time. Known for his songs that transport listeners back to the feels of '50s and '60s music, the 21-year-old artist is one of the industry's best gems. Now, he's taking his alter-ego "Troubador" on tour, telling audiences the tale of falling in love with a woman named Evangeline through song. Together with The Moon Crests, he's sharing a new era live on stage, at the "Connie Co Show!" Part of this year's massive tour is a special stop at St. Augustine Amphitheatre on Saturday, October 26. Coming fresh from the release of his debut album "Angel Face" and its Club Deluxe version, the man is set to make us fall in love even deeper. With his '50s-inspired shows, he sure is a shining gem in today's music scene. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

It's his biggest tour yet. STEPHEN SANCHEZ is back on the road, taking his '50s-inspired persona of "Troubador" to the stage. Telling the tale of how he fell in love with a woman named Evangeline, the 21-year-old singer is set to amaze audiences with his shows that'll take you back to the glory days of '50s and '60 music. Known for his unique groove and heart-fluttering songs, he's a man well-loved around the globe. His roster of hits have sent us to tears - including "High", "Be More", "Only Girl", "Evangeline", and "Until I Found You". The special night at St. Augustine Amphitheatre will also feature special guest THE PAPER KITES.

His global tour follows the release of his debut studio album "Angel Face" and its Club Deluxe edition. Dominating the scene for his viral hit single "Until I Found You", he's sent waves of tears around the globe. Making millions of new fans in love with his voice and classic-inspired tunes, he's got a timeless groove that assures him of a bright future in music. Moreover, it's his authentic feelings that shine in his songs, letting us feel what it really is like to fall in live.

Talking about the song with GRAMMYS, he shared how the song tells his true feelings for Georgia. Although breaking the news that they aren't dating anymore, he appreciates how people have attached their own stories of love to the iconic song.

"I didn't think "Until I Found You" was going to be anything more than what it was," he told Rob Ledonne of the GRAMMYS. "I wrote it about her because I loved her, and the fact that people have taken it upon themselves to apply it to their own love stories is beyond me. So it's really special and we need more than that. We need more truth in music!"

Truth in music, indeed. His '50s-inspired look and tunes isn't simply a style he chose to replicate. It's something he embraced, truly loving the timeless vibes of these iconic decades in music. At 21, it might be hard to believe that a man that sounds this mature is the voice behind these songs. But with a whole lot of truth to tell and feelings to share, Stephen Sanchez is a shining star in today's music.

Kicking off a massive tour around the world, he's stoked to share what he's got. "In 1958, Stephen Sanchez & The Moon Crests made their debut on the Connie Co Show! Now we close out this era in the most electrifying way we know— with our BIGGEST TOUR yet. Get ready to dive into the unforgettable experience of The Connie Co Show, baby," Stephen Sanchez shared on Instagram.

Talking about his album, Sanchex tells NME that "There’s a lot of mystery and lore and romance and heartache. It’s full of all the things that make up every single day if you decide you want to be in love with somebody."

It definitely hits right home. Now, he's taking it all to the stage. Don;t miss out on STEPHEN SANCHEZ live at St. Augustine Amphitheatre by booking your tickets now!

Stephen Sanchez at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

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