Sarah McLachlan Shine On tour at St Augustine Amphitheatre

Sarah McLachlan Shine On tour Tickets

St Augustine Amphitheatre | Augustine, Florida

If your searching for music that refreshes the soul, you'll find a taste of heaven here…Sarah McLachlan's soul-stirring and heartfelt songs will resonate through the halls of the St Augustine Amphitheatre on Wednesday 25th March 2015. Sarah McLachlan is an eight-time Juno Award winner and a three-time Grammy Award winner. She has put the world under her spell with her timeless hits "Building A Mystery", "Last Dance", to name a few. Avoid the rush. Keep calm and get your tickets now!
Sarah McLachlan Shine On tour at St Augustine Amphitheatre

Sarah McLachlan's high school yearbook prophesied that she is destined to be a rock star. She may not be a rock star in the true sense of the word, but Sarah definitely rocked the hearts and souls of music lovers with her heart-wrenching, emotional, and awe-inspiring ballads. She also shook the world and created deep impact to uplift the stature of women concert performers. In 1997, Lilith Fair was born, showcasing an all-women music festival. Its main objective was to highlight female artists and it became the launch pad of many of the biggest female acts known today. Its massive earnings also raised and supported over $7 million for different charities. The Lilith Fair is touted as the most successful all-female music festival.

Sarah McLachlan is an accomplished recording artist, selling over 40 million albums worldwide. Her biggest album "Surfacing" is certified 10x platinum. She is a holder of eight Juno and three Grammy Awards. After a four year hiatus in the recording scene, Sarah recently released her latest album in 2014, "Shine On".

Experience music's shining hour. Sarah McLachlan's "Shine On" tour will celebrate love, loss, change, and a myriad of emotions. This is the concert that will give you goose-bumps and feels!

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