Pretty Lights – Friday at St Augustine Amphitheatre

Pretty Lights - Friday Tickets

St. Augustine Amphitheatre | St. Augustine, Florida

Pretty Lights - Friday

It’s time to bring yourself to an epic rave this fall – you deserve it after all! On Friday 22nd November 2024, you can turn your Friday evening into a thrilling spectacle by checking out this brilliant EDM rager! If you don’t you might just miss the season’s most legendary party called the The Soundship Space System Check Your Vector! Pretty Lights are here to paint the town crimson red with a showdown so amazing, your Friday nights would never live up to this hype! It’ll be a fantastic evening of fire EDM staples as Pretty Lights conquer the St. Augustine Amphitheatre with their rip roaring catalog! This remarkable party is bound to also bring in all the kindred spirits! So if you’re keen on bringing life into your Friday evening and spending it with like minded and rave loving folks, then hurry and secure your passes now before it’s too late!

It sounds too good to be true but the season’s most raging party is slated to conquer the nation. Pretty Lights are here to bring forth an epic rave of gargantuan proportions – just by the name of it, it sounds like you’ll be taken to a whole new universe! The Soundship Space System Check Your Vector is an extended celebration of last year’s massive outing. Pretty Lights belted out some of the most exhilarating EDM parties – we could say that the year 2023 was pretty banging. But thanks to public demand, Pretty Lights will be extending this party all the way to 2024!

Now you can experience it all for yourself this 2024! Or if you were there in the 2023 outing, you can turn it up all over again! Pretty Lights serves amazing extravaganzas packed with magnificent EDM titles and groundbreaking remixes! Fans can anticipate brilliant staples like “Finally Moving,” “One Day They’ll Know,” “Rainbows & Waterfalls,” “Hot Like Sauce,” and much, much more. You can be sure that this spectacle will be mighty packed with trippy songs, but also ultimate ravers! Of course, in this case, the more people who show up the merrier! In this case, Pretty Lights’ stop at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre is part of a three-night run that is so close to selling out! So if you know what’s good for you, you should move fast on those tickets!

This highly celebrated music producer and DJ taking EDM fans on a wild music trip. He’s soaring high in terms of popularity and his sets are in high demand. Pretty Lights has a mighty packed 2024 as he serves a plethora of headlining residencies for The Soundship Space System Check Your Vector and making much-awaited appearances at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Although he’s serving numerous shows, his stops are very limited, St Augustine is one of his nine stops this 2024.

So if you’re a huge fan of Pretty Lights, it is imperative that you secure your passes early! The show is guaranteed to be the most exciting electronic music showdown of the season! Don’t miss out on this epic spectacle packed with Pretty Lights’ viral smashing titles. Click on the Get Tickets link now before it’s too late!

Pretty Lights - Friday at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

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