Paramore: Fall 2022 Tour at St Augustine Amphitheatre

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St Augustine Amphitheatre | Augustine, Florida

For the first time since 2018, Paramore, are ready to once again scream in your face, at St Augustine Amphitheatre on Wednesday, November 16th 2022. Ok my Emo buddies, “Ain’t It Fun,” that your favorite screaming band are back, and they are “Still Into You,” and that’s all just sad, with “The Only Exception,” being… they also have a new album… somewhere, soon, hopefully… So, grab some tickets and let's go, Paramore is back in the business of misery, baby!

Paramore: Fall 2022 Tour at St Augustine Amphitheatre

Paramore’s last album, After Laughter, came out five long years ago now, then in 2018, Paramore put a pause on making music together, but it was clear that the hiatus was not permanent. Williams released a couple solo albums, Petals for Armor, in 2020 and, Flowers for Vases / Descansos, in 2021.

But the Trio are back in business and were reportedly in the studio together in January, "We wrote and tracked something we loved, and it actually surprised us," Williams said. "We kept joking it was all downhill from that point, but thank God we've been surprised a lot throughout this whole thing." "Our output has always been all over the place and with this project, it's not that different. We're still in the thick of it, but some things have remained consistent from the start. 1) More emphasis back on the guitar, and 2) Zac should go as Animal as he wants with drum takes," she added.

One thing to note: There shan’t be any “Misery Business,” even on the new tour. Williams said in 2018 that she didn’t want to perform the song any longer because of its misogynistic lyrics. Although, Hayley Williams and Billie Eilish did a team up at Coachella to duet “Misery Business” earlier in 2022, omitting the offensive word from the original lyrics. So, maybe the band will choose to perform an edited version of their biggest hit on this tour — only time will tell.

Paramore: Fall 2022 Tour at St Augustine Amphitheatre

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