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St. Augustine Amphitheatre | St. Augustine, Florida


St. Augustine, Florida, are you ready to spend an evening with Goose? The contemporary rock band is making a two-night stop at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre as part of their tour, adequately titled “An Evening with Goose.” The first of these concerts will take place on Friday, the 1st of November 2024. That’s the show that you’ll be able to access if you click the get tickets button on this page! They’ll follow up this performance with one on Saturday night at the same venue. The band promises, though, that each show will be unique. So maybe … two days of Goose?

What you can expect from Goose are great vibes and contemporary rock. Both things are proving hard to come by in the current music landscape. That may be the biggest reason why these guys keep selling out shows all over the country. If you want to be a part of this evening, be sure to hit the get tickets button. Not too many similar experiences will stop in St. Augustine, Florida, this year!

There’s something about long-haired dudes playing smooth tunes on electric guitars with some synths in the background that always seems to work out. It’s a formula, though, that in the current music landscape is employed by very few modern bands. Goose is certainly one of those few. What’s great about Goose is that they’re an awesome band to see live. That’s regardless of whether you know the words to “So ready” or not. It’s one of those events where if you’re the one who convinces your friends to come out, they’ll thank you for a while! You can be standing right next to the stage or even in the highest parts of the St Augustine Amphitheatre just vibing! It’s going to be tough to come up with a better plan for this Friday night, so just head to the Goose concert!

Goose has been going on some of these mini-residencies with their tour “An Evening With Goose.” What they do is spend at least two nights per location in most cases. Usually, the demand is so high that they get booked for at least another show at the same venue. Yes, these dudes have a ton of hits like “Hungerside,” “Arcadia” or the aforementioned “So Ready.” There’s an argument to be made, though, that what really gets people to their shows is their way of playing live. As mentioned, this is music that you can vibe to, even if you don’t know the lyrics. The band’s going to get you in a groove early on the night! Plus, in this case, it’s a Friday. How can you not be romantic about this entire scenario?

The St Augustine Amphitheatre is a venue that’s built to ensure that you’ll have a perfect view of the stage from wherever you’re sitting. That’s great, but let’s be honest: With a band like Goose, you want to be as close to the stage as you can be. There’s going to be a pit area for this show right next to where the band’s going to set up. This is where you’re going to feel the best groove on this first Friday in November. Click the get tickets button soon to reserve your spot.

Goose at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

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