Pretty Lights – Sunday at St Augustine Amphitheatre

Pretty Lights - Sunday Tickets

St. Augustine Amphitheatre | St. Augustine, Florida

Pretty Lights - Sunday

Get ready because sunshine is coming through! Pretty Lights will be gracing the stage of St. Augustine Amphitheater on November 24, 2024! It's a Saturday night to remember as this is part of their Soundship Spacesystem 2024 or also called Check Your Vector Tour.

Doors open at 4PM and the grand show will start by 6PM so make sure you're there on time to not miss a single moment. Pretty Lights or Derek Vincent Smith has planned a nebulous night of possibilities along with his band members: Adam Deitch, Borahm Lee, Brian Coogan, Scott Flynn, and Eric Bloom.

Dance along with their tracks while you bathe in their light shows full of lasers and visuals on the screen. It's going to be an incredible night of dub, jazz, hip-hop, psychedelic rock, funk and disco, and electronica.

St. Augustine Amphitheater offers their open-air venue for a special unforgettable night. Get your tickets now before it all sells out!

The comeback is real! Pretty Lights is performing at the St. Augustine Amphitheater on November 24, 2024! As part of their Soundship Spacesystem 2024 Check Your Vector Tour, they will light up Florida starting at 6PM.

Pretty Lights is well-known as a musical project with a unique fusion of electronic beats, poetic samples and modular synthesizers. They have gained popularity that consistently sold out shows and were invited to play at huge festivals--- until they went silent. After years of hiatus, the hole that Pretty Lights left was left untouched, with no one incredible enough to fill it. Now, they are on a huge comeback with a louder voice!

“Fire starter future sailors looking back from tomorrow, we focus the light into the present to transform ourselves into what we could never have imagined..where are you going …inspect your vector before you wreck your vector and find alignment in the nebulous blossom of possibility,” Pretty Lights wrote in an Instagram post announcing the tour.

Pretty Lights or Derek Vincent Smith is the mastermind behind this visionary project that combines dub, jazz, '90s hip-hop, '60s soul, '70s psychedelic rock, '80s funk and disco and electro. To complete the show are the other band members: Adam Deitch/Break Science (drummer), Borahm Lee/Break Science (keyboardist), Brian Coogan/New Orleans All-Star (keyboardist), Scott Flynn/John Brown's Body (trombonist), Eric Bloom/Lettuce (trumpet player).

Expect their top hits to be blasted perfectly throughout the night including tracks from their debut album "Taking Up Your Precious Time" or their 2013 album "A Color Map of the Sun". As their name suggests, they won't hold back on pretty lights and laser shows. The layered music genres blend perfectly together while your eyes feast on the well-planned visuals: this is an experience you shouldn't miss.

St. Augustine Amphitheater, the home to 70 yearly performances, music legends and rising stars across all genre, will host the event. The open-air venue upholds an intimate setting and boasts great seats everywhere in the location.

Get yourself wrapped up in a story and feels via top-tier electronica. Don't miss this feast for the eyes and ears and get your tickets now to secure your spot!

Pretty Lights - Sunday at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

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